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Holistic Therapist in Kingston upon Thames

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of London without travelling too far afield, Kingston upon Thames is the place for you. Lying on the banks of the River Thames, Kingston upon Thames feels a far cry from city life. Here, you can stroll through charming streets, sip on drinks at pubs nestling by the river, and explore the historic markets — all to the accompaniment of delicate bird song and the sound of flowing water. 

Kingston upon Thames also has a rich and regal history. First named in AD383, this area’s residential history reaches far back to the Roman invasion. By 1589, the settlement was named “Kingestowne upon Thames” — which translates as “the king’s manor or estate”. In fact, Kingston upon Thames is said to have once been the home of a Saxon king — making it the earliest royal borough in London. 

Kingston upon Thames laid back approach and slower pace make it the perfect place to invest in some holistic health. The area is home to many holistic therapists and clinics who offer a range of health-boosting, happiness enhancing, therapies, treatments, and products. From mystical crystal therapy to self-healing Bowen Technique sessions, dynamic sweat-inducing Pilates to restorative massage therapies — there are endless ways to indulge in holistic therapy in Kingston upon Thames. And with The Holistic Guide to London, finding your perfect therapy has never been easier. 

Whether you’re visiting, living or working in Kingston upon Thames, use our simple-as-can-be location search feature to explore the full range of holistic therapists and clinics based near you.

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Reiki Centres in Kingston upon Thames 

Reiki is a holistic health system which has been around for thousands of years. Originating in Japan, it is a powerful holistic practice which taps into the energy flows of the body to alleviate blockages in energy, boost low energy levels, and harmonise the body, mind and soul.  So it’s unsurprising Reiki translates as “spiritually guided life force energy.”

As with other ancient holistic philosophies, Reiki is based on the premise that all imbalances and illnesses in the body, mind and spirit are a direct result of low or blocked energy. Utilising a unique “laying on of hands” approach, Reiki stimulates the “life force energy” that flows through the body, to revive, rebalance and rejuvenate the energy flow. 

It’s the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from constant low moods and bouts of anxiety or experiences chronic illnesses such as poor digestion and low immunity.  

If you want to experience the incredible benefits of peace-giving Reiki, browse our selection of Reiki practitioners in Kingston upon Thames. 

Massage Therapy in Kingston upon Thames

When it comes to indulging yourself, nothing beats a good old fashion massage. The intoxicating pairing of flickering candlelight and opulently scented essential oils, along with the masterful strokes of the therapist makes massage a luxurious way of winding down and relaxing. But massages aren’t just the perfect gift for special occasions and one-off days of indulgence. Research shows that regular trips to a massage therapist can help to heal and ease a whole host of aches, pains and illnesses — physical, mental or spiritual. 

Massage therapy comes in many forms — including transformative deep tissue massage, soothing Swedish massage, invigorating Shiatsu massage and injury-targeted sports massage. All massage therapies are a combination of pressures, poses, and strokes, which manipulate your skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Increasingly used as a form of complementary therapy, massage therapy can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic headaches, sports injuries, circulatory issues and digestive disorders. 

Whether you’re a tourist in Kingston upon Thames taking a break from all the sightseeing, or a local looking for a regular massage clinic, there’s a massage therapist in Kingston Upon Thames for you. 

Browse our collection of massage therapists in Kingston Upon Thames and relieve your stress, reduce your muscle tension, and slip into a deep state of calm.