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Swedish Massage Therapy in London

Swedish massage is one of the most popular massage therapy styles out there, and for a good reason. Sometimes referred to as the “classic massage”, Swedish massage is probably exactly what springs to your mind when you think of massage therapy. If you’ve ever had a massage on a beach, at a spa or performed one yourself inspired by YouTube videos, chances are it was a Swedish massage. 

Swedish massage uses the five principal techniques — stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing and vibration and is your one-stop-shop for deep and utter relaxation and restoration. Swedish massage is great for relieving tight muscles, easing over-stressed minds, or for simply indulging in a massage that feels great and leaves you glowing.  You can’t go wrong with a classic Swedish massage. 

There are dozens of incredible massage therapists in London who specialise in Swedish massage. Browse our collection massage therapists and find one near you. 

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What Are the Benefits of Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is for you if you're looking to rewind and relax after a long week at work, clear your mind and restore greater clarity — or you're  looking to indulge in health-enhancing, happiness-boosting massage session. 

There are innumerable benefits for getting a Swedish massage. The technique induces peace, tranquillity and relaxation, by alternating between delicate and more profound strokes. Recipients melt into a deep state of relaxation — but this is not the only benefit of a Swedish massage. Others include: 

  • Eased muscular pain 
  • Flushed out toxins 
  • Reduced emotional and physical stress 
  • Improved circulation and increased oxygen levels in the blood 
  • Supple ligaments and tendons

What to Expect From a Swedish Massage?

Fluffy towels, soothing music, luxurious massage oils — a trip for a Swedish masseuse is every bit the massage fantasy. Usually lasting around 60 to 90 minutes, a Swedish massage takes place on a comfy massage table. 

As with most forms of massage, your Swedish massage will start with a brief consultation with your massage therapist, to allow you to highlight any areas or issues with your body and what you want from the session. The therapist will use this information to tailor your massage experience. 

Each Swedish massage is different, but at the core of a session is a series of strokes on the skin, lubricated with essential oils or lotions. A typical Swedish massage includes long, gliding strokes across the back, kneading and rubbing the shoulders to tease out knots, and delicate — and more forceful — strokes across the rest of the body. 

Often, a massage therapist will leave a little extra time at the end of the massage to allow the benefits of the session to soak in. Whether you stick around a little or head straight back to the office, you’ll certainly end up feeling relaxed, restored and deliciously revived. 

If you want to ease your muscles, flush out toxins, improve your circulation and boost your mental health,  you can find a Swedish Massage near you, using our location search.