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Welcome to The Holistic Guide membership section. Sign up today in under 2 minutes and become part of an exciting community of Holistic Health Practitioners and enthusiasts.

Are you looking to rebalance, reconnect and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul? Do you want to access hundreds of the most skilled and knowledgeable holistic health practitioners near you with the click of a button? With The Holistic Guide you can sign up as a Therapy Seeker and read reviews, get to know holistic health practitioners and enthusiasts, and become part of a holistic health movement. 

Sign up as a Holistic Therapy Seeker today and choose between our two membership options — free with access to many of our features or paid, offering access-all-areas membership.  

What’s Included in Free Membership? 

We’re a holistic therapy directory with a difference. Far more than an advertising portal, we provide a space to discuss and rate experiences, learn more about holistic therapies and techniques, and explore the newest health tips and ideas. Our free membership allows you to enjoy many of these perks for no cost. 

Included in the free membership package is the ability to: 

  • View all practitioner profiles 
  • Search via location and service search pages
  • View the newsfeed 
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This is a great option for Therapy Seekers dipping their toes into the world of holistic health, and those looking to sample our services for no cost!

How to Sign up for Free Membership 

Becoming a member of The Holistic Guide to London couldn’t be easier. It only takes 2 minutes to complete and once signed up, you’ll get instant access to all of our Free Therapy Seeker benefits. 

Enter your profile details and sign up today in just a couple of minutes — no card details required. 

What’s Included in an Access All Areas Membership? 

If you want to meet like-minded people and get the most out of our Holistic Guide, explore the newest holistic trends, and chat with practitioners and experts in holistic health, an access all areas membership is for you. With our paid membership programme, you will have access to all of the basic options, such as discussing and rating therapy experiences, learning about different therapies, and accessing the full database of practitioners and clinics near you. 

As a full member, you will also be able to: 

  • Write and post reviews 
  • Private message fellow holistic health followers and practitioners
  • Send and receive friend requests
  • Chat in our Main Health Discussion and Therapy Forum
  • Post in the Newsfeed
  • Like and comment on posts and photos
  • Join and create groups

This is a great option if you’re looking to delve deep into holistic health and get the most out of our The Holistic Guide to London database. 

How Much Does an Access All Areas Membership Cost? 

Our Access All Areas membership is incredibly affordable and easy to sign up for. Add your details and get instant all areas access to The Holistic Guide to London.  Sign up today for free access for a limited period — don’t delay the offer is time limited! 

If you’re a practitioner looking to earn more money, boost visibility, and engage with more clients, head over to our Advertise page to find out everything you need to know about advertising with The Holistic Guide to London.