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Sleep Therapy in London

When was the last time you got a full 40 winks? Do you remember how good it felt, and how much extra energy and focus you enjoyed? Sleep — restorative, relaxing and reviving sleep — is essential to your health. When we’re under-rested, we can experience a range of nasty side effects, including obesity, depression and high blood pressure. But when we’re well-rested, the world’s our oyster.

For all too many of us, catching up on zzzs can be hard. With work deadlines, family commitments and the never-ending temptation of watching just one more episode or scrolling a little longer, more of us are suffering from sleep deprivation and insomnia.

If you’re feeling worn down, burnt out and in need of some rest, maybe it’s time to see a sleep therapist. Sleep therapists are experts in all things fluffy sheep and restful repose. There are also hundreds of holistic therapies out there that can help! From energy healing Reiki and heart-pumping pilates to restorative aromatherapy and the emotional freedom technique, there’s something for every taste and need.

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What Are Sleep Therapists and How Can They Help You to Sleep?

Sleep therapists are a group of therapists, psychiatrists and medically trained specialists who are experts in all things sleep. Sleep therapists help you to identify the root causes of your insomnia or sleep disturbance. They also provide pragmatic holistic next steps for finally getting the rest you truly need.

There are several different approaches to sleep therapy and no two sessions will be the same. But in general, you can expect your sleep therapy to begin with a detailed assessment where your therapist asks you a series of probing questions to develop a full image of your sleep patterns and behaviours. They may ask you about your medical history, your general lifestyle, diet and exercise approach or any important relationships. It’s essential to be as open and honest as possible to help your therapist to develop the right program for you.

Once your therapist feels they’ve got a good sense of your requirements, they will design a sleep program for you. The program you receive will depend on your particular needs, but in general, you will go through a series of behavioural and lifestyle changes. You may also receive robust sleep hygiene measures and exercise routines. Sleep therapists also routinely include a range of other holistic therapies into their treatment  — such as the ones you see below.

Different Types of Holistic Therapy for Better Sleep

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to sleep but not being able to. We’ve all been there — the more you tell yourself to sleep, the faster your mind races and the harder it becomes to sink into a deep and restful sleep. Thankfully, there’s a range of holistic therapies out there!

Holistic Exercise System

Weight loss, heart health, glowing complexion and muscle tone — there are innumerable reasons to exercise. Exercise not only helps every organ and system in the body, but it also helps prime our bodies and minds for restful sleep. Whether a relaxing yin yoga or an intense Reforma pilates class, these holistic exercise systems are the perfect way to exhaust your body and relax your mind so falling asleep is a doddle.

Herbal Treatments

The natural world is full of remedies. Since the time of our earliest ancestors, we have looked to the world around us to heal and enhance our health and wellbeing. With so many digital distractions and urban obstacles, a return to nature is just what the doctor ordered. Flower essence therapy utilises the potent power of essential oils from flowers and plants — each with unique properties — in distilled tonics that can be ingested or rubbed into the skin to calm the nervous system. Similarly, aromatherapy takes the intoxicating scents of roots, herbs, flowers and leaves to stimulate the senses and ease you into a state of peace and tranquillity. 

Homoeopathy is another ancient therapy proven to aid sleep. Personalising your treatment to your needs, a homoeopathy practitioner can work with you to find the perfect combination of natural remedies to help you enjoy a night of deep sleep. 

Energy Healing

In holistic philosophies, all illnesses and ailments are believed to be due to unbalanced or blocked energy flows within the body. By extension, your inability to sleep and the symptoms you suffer because of your lack of sleep result from your energy flow. By working with your energy and the meridian points in your body, healing practices can tackle the root causes of why you can’t sleep and allow you to enjoy restorative rest. 

There are many forms of energy healing out there, each using diverse methods to modify and manipulate the energy within the body. But among the most common are the emotional freedom technique (EFT), biofield energy healing, therapeutic touch, reiki, acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology.

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