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Flower Essence Therapy in London

Flowers are special to us humans. Since our earliest ancestors, we have incorporated flowers into our daily lives — as beautiful gifts, delicate food sources, and as healing resources. Flower essence therapy is another aspect of this long heritage of flower-based remedies. 

One of the common misconceptions surrounding flower essence therapy is it’s just another name for aromatherapy. After all, both utilise the potent powers of essential oils from herbs, flowers, and plants. But in reality, that’s where the similarities end. For, where aromatherapy uses scent to heal the mind and calm the body, flower essence remedies have almost no scent at all. 

Flower essences are made through a distillation process, where flower petals are infused in water. Once the infusion is complete, the flowers are removed and the liquid is processed and then bottled. 

These scentless essences can be taken directly from the bottle. They can be dispensed through tinctures into the eye, under the tongue or sprayed onto the face. Some practitioners may also encourage you to mix your essences with a litre of purified water to sip throughout the day. 

Embrace the powers of flowers with flower essence therapy. 

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What Are the Benefits of Flower Essence Therapy?

Founded by Dr Edward Bach, flower essence therapy is a form of holistic treatment premised on 38 original flower remedies — also known as Bach Healing Herbs. Flower essence therapy is based on the philosophy that all ill-health is the result of an imbalance in our life energy. So, it is designed to treat a range of underlying emotional and spiritual issues that lead to disease and poor health. 

The idea is, by harnessing the life forces of living nature through blossoms and flowering plants, we can revive our life force. This, in turn, allows us to boost our awareness, strengthen our bonds with others, restore our zest for life and cure a range of other spiritual and emotional ailments. A few drops of flower essence is said to: 

  • Build a stronger sense of self 
  • Ease feelings of anxiety, stress and restlessness 
  • Boost relationships with others 
  • Soothe feelings of depression, lethargy and listlessness

If you’re looking to revitalise your spirits, energise your body, and calm your mind — flower essence therapy could help. 

What to Expect From Flower Essence Therapy?

At the heart of flower essence therapy, is the belief that underlying mental and emotional problems manifest as physical illnesses. So in your first session, your therapist will take some time discussing your current mental, emotional and physical health. In this consultation, it’s important to be open and honest about your current state. After all, the better your therapist understands you, the more personalised your treatment plan will be. 

Your therapist will work with you to establish the perfect combinations of essences to address your particular health concern. They will also direct you on the appropriate way to take your treatment. Your bespoke treatment will take into account your holistic health and be unique to you. 

In this initial meeting, you will also schedule a follow-up appointment — normally a couple of weeks after the first — to see how you’re getting on with your treatment. These reviews may lead to tweaks to the process of your treatment. 

Reconnect, revive and rejuvenate your life energy with flower essence therapy.