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Holistic Therapists in Kilburn

Kilburn is a vibrant, diverse and unique pocket of London. Nestled between Hampstead and Maida Vale, it was once the proud heartland of London’s Irish community, but Kilburn’s reputation as an accepting and fun-loving place has only increased over time. Known locally as the “music mile”, the area’s reputation for great gig culture and some of the finest music venues in the city draws crowds from near and far for raucous nights of signing and dancing till the sun comes up. But whether you’re dining on haute cuisine, watching the newest play at the Kiln theatre, or enjoying a sing-along — make sure you find time to indulge in one of Kilburn’s holistic therapies. 

Kilburn has long been a destination for health and wellness enthusiasts. Believed to have healing and rejuvenating properties and heralded in the eighteenth century as a modern day medicinal miracle, Kilburn Wells was one of the biggest tourist attractions in North London.  People travelled long distances from all over the country to take the waters at Kilburn Wells. Today, the wells have dried up, but Kilburn still retains its healing and health-enhancing reputation thanks to the many holistic therapists and clinics who call Kilburn home. 

Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating yoga class, a relaxing deep tissue massage, or a consultation with a traditional Chinese Medicine expert, there are endless opportunities to explore holistic health in Kilburn. 

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Bowen Technique in Kilburn  

Have you ever jumped out of your seat in the cinema when something scary blasts onto the screen? Or wildly flailed your arms when the distinctive hum of a wasp is too-close-for-comfort? Our nervous system is always primed for action and ready to respond to the stimuli of the world around us. From our earliest ancestors, these natural reflexes have been paramount to securing the continuation of the human species. The only problem? Today our bodies are in a constant state of overdrive — which can leave us feeling worn down and burnt out. 

Bowen therapy is designed to give our bodies a much-needed break from this constant over stimulation. Bowen therapists use their thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the body through a series of rolling movements, which do not provoke the body’s natural defence system but do help stimulate nerve pathways and create a deeper synergy between the nervous systems of the body. 

The primary benefit of this gentle therapy is relief from muscular-skeletal conditions, but it can also help to enhance the immune system, boost circulation, reduce stress and ease pain. 

Find a Bowen therapist in Kilburn today, and learn the power of self-healing. 

Crystal Healing Therapy in Kilburn 

Crystals form underground over millions of years, a slow process of transformation that is believed to imbue them with the earth’s energy. This process gives each crystal a unique structure —  and its own special form of energy. 

Crystal therapists tap into the energetic power of crystals and use them to rebalance, revive, and rejuvenate the energies within the body. By placing the crystals on specific locations of the body, the energy of the crystal is transferred into the individual, leaving them feeling awakened and re-energised. 

Browse our range of crystal healing therapists in Kilburn today, and let their healing hands deliver you to new horizons of health and happiness.