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Crystal Healing Therapy in London

Buried in earth and rock, crystals form underground over millions of years. Each crystal undergoes a different process of formation that produces unique chemical structures. Crystal healing therapy works with these unique and ancient structures, which are believed to contain a kaleidoscope of the earth’s mystical energies. Crystal healers are incredibly knowledgeable about the different properties and powers of the stones and crystals they work with. So, they can curate the perfect crystals to help you to overcome the obstacles in your life.

As with many holistic practices, crystal therapy follows the belief that our bodies and minds are made up of an accumulation of energies flowing through the body. In this philosophy, all bodily, mental and spiritual illnesses are the result of blocked, unbalanced and stagnant energy. Crystal healing is a holistic, energy-based system that taps into the profound energetic power of crystals to transform the body and mind. Crystal healing therapists place crystals on and around the body of their clients,  so imbuing them with the energies of the crystals. 

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What Are the Benefits of Crystal Healing Therapy? 

Crystal therapy is a natural, restorative, holistic therapy used to heal and restore your health. Completely free of side-effects, it’s a safe and profound way of tapping into the ancient energies of the world. 

It is crystal healings unique approach to stress-busting, anxiety-reduction, and deep relaxation that draws many people. By channelling the ancient energies of crystals, crystal healing therapists can imbue your body with a calming and restorative flow of rejuvenating and reviving energy. Whether you suffer from lethargy and depression or anxiety and stress, the energy of the crystals can help you to tap into a happier, healthier rhythm. 

The deep and mystical powers of crystals could also help to boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, clarity and peace. That’s why many people opt to have crystal healing therapy before a big presentation at work or before a date! It truly can make you feel better, bolder and more in touch with who you are. But remember, to truly garner the benefits of this therapy, you have to leave any preconceptions at the door and approach it with an open mind. 

What to Expect from a Crystal Healing Session 

Crystal healing is a mystical and profound experience for those with an open and curious mind. There’s no hard or fast rule for what a crystal healing session can include as your therapist will tailor your session to your unique needs and energies. But there is a basic structure that goes a little like this. 

Your first step will be an initial consultation when your therapist asks you a series of questions to develop a sense of your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Crystal healing is a holistic approach that considers all your aspects, so this initial conversation is vital to the session. Your therapist will then use the information from this consultation to curate your crustal experience.

You can choose to lie down on the floor, a bed or on the sofa in a position comfortable for you. Once you’re settled, the therapist will place the appropriate crystals around your body. Where they put the crystals and how long your session lasts will depend on what you need from your treatment and could range from 20 minutes to over an hour. Throughout this period, your only task is to relax, unwind, and give yourself over to the power of the crystals. 

You may feel — at certain points —  warm, tingling feelings. But even if you don’t experience any physical symptoms, this doesn’t mean the therapy is not working, because the energy of the crystals has a different effect on individuals. 

Once your session is over, your therapist will carefully remove the crystals and awaken you from your rest. They may also suggest a series of further treatments and therapies for you to try to continue your healing process. Although crystal healing therapy is completely safe and restorative, the shifting of negative energy may bring some uncomfortable memories to the surface. It’s important to allow yourself to process these emotions so you can detox your body of negativity and start living your healthiest, most positive life. 

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