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Holistic Therapists in Hammersmith

Bordering Shepherd’s Bush and Kensington, Hammersmith is one of the most vibrant and exciting parts of London. Loved for its incredible live music venues such as the Apollo, it’s also a mecca for foodies across the country, Hammersmith offers plenty for both tourists and locals alike. Visitors can fill their days with shopping along King Street, checking out the newest contemporary art at the Riverside Studios, marvelling at world-class performances at the Lyric Theatre, or taking in the atmosphere at one of the area’s riverside pubs.  

Hammersmith’s multicultural vibe has also attracted dozens of holistic therapists to the area — all offer a dazzling array of holistic therapies, treatments and products. From heart-pumping dynamic yoga flow classes to restorative meditation retreats, healing crystal rituals to alignment sessions with the Alexander technique, there’s something for every taste and need. 

Whether you’re visiting, living or working in Hammersmith, use our simple-as-can-be location search feature to explore the full range of holistic therapists and clinics based near you with The Holistic Guide to London.

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Aromatherapy in Hammersmith 

Have you held on to an item of clothing that belonged to someone you loved and lost so that you could smell their lingering scent on the fabric? Or breathed in the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies to find yourself suddenly transported back to your childhood? Smell is one of the most potent and powerful of our senses and deeply connected to our memories and emotional life. When our brain detects a scent, it triggers a reaction in the body, which can make us feel hungry, energised — or relaxed. That’s why at the smallest sniff of a familiar aroma, we can be overwhelmed with the memories of a particular time and place in our lives. 

Aromatherapy utilises the unique capabilities of scent and smell to encourage relaxation and to treat a range of illnesses and imbalances in the body. Conceived in 1928 by French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, aromatherapy uses the essential oils from flowers, leaves, and bark to create heady scents, which are inhaled or absorbed into the skin.

Scientists and the NHS alike now recognise the innumerable therapeutic qualities of essential oils and aromatherapy is often used alongside conventional treatment to heal a number of medical issues. Aromatherapy is said to help boost the immune system, ease stress, relax the mind and encourage overall sensations of happiness and well-being. It is a treatment especially beneficial for anyone dealing with stress-related complications such as insomnia, migraines and anxiety. 

Browse our full range of aromatherapists in Hammersmith and stimulate your senses. 

Crystal Healing in Hammersmith 

Nestled underground, crystals take millions of years to form, progressing through a series of processes and repeating chemical restructures, finally achieving a shiny, sparkly texture. People who promote crystal healing believe these processes imbue the crystals with the energies of the universe. And just as each crystal looks different, each type is energetically charged in various ways. 

Crystal healing is a holistic therapy, which taps into the energetic powers of crystals and uses them to unblock, focus and direct energy through the body, mind and spirit. By placing the crystals on various places around the body, the energies of the crystal are transferred, stimulating the body’s vitality, vibrancy and power. 

Delve into the mysterious world of crystal therapy and browse our selection of crystal therapists in Hammersmith.