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Holistic Therapies in Buckinghamshire



emmaburwash Buckinghamshire
Louise Page Healing Buckinghamshire
Julie PONS Buckinghamshire
Wise Alchemy Buckinghamshire
WeAreWomen Buckinghamshire
Valerie Queyrel Counsellor Buckinghamshire
Louise Carron Harris Shaman Buckinghamshire
The Chiltern Sound Spa Buckinghamshire

Are you looking to escape the chaos of the city but don’t want to travel too far? Buckinghamshire is the place for you! Boasting stunning natural landscapes, picturesque villages, and vibrant, colourful history and culture, Buckinghamshire is an incredible place for a weekend break. It is within easy reach of London — perhaps that’s why it’s been the go-to country retreat for many Prime Ministers over the centuries! Today, Buckinghamshire is even more accessible as it is connected to the city by tube and the underground station at Amersham.  

There are hundreds of things for tourists to do in this historic county. Take to the great outdoors and ramble along idyllic paths and canals to catch sight of some of the rarest birds and animals. Or indulge in a bit of history with a visit to the many beautiful market towns, historic buildings and National Trust properties. For the culture vultures out there, Buckinghamshire has plenty to offer. The county has connections with a range of literary giants including John Milton, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. 

Whether you’re drawn to Buckinghamshire for a glorious weekend break or are a local looking to discover new aspects of your home county, why not indulge in some holistic health? There’s a world of holistic therapies to explore in Buckinghamshire — from stimulating aromatherapy to invigorating Shiatsu, mystical crystal therapy to lengthening yoga classes. There’s truly something for every taste and desire! 

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Pilates Instructors in Buckinghamshire 

Are you looking to build core strength, tone your physique, improve your flexibility, and boost your overall health? Pilates might be the answer! Pilates is a holistic exercise system that uses a series of controlled movements and resistance exercises to improve posture, flexibility, strength and overall bodily awareness. There are several different styles of pilates classes out there. From Reforma and Mat to Romana — there’s a class for every taste, ability and preference. 

Whether you’re a gym bunny looking for a low impact but effective workout or a fitness newbie looking for a gateway exercise to start you on your journey towards your best self, pilates is a great choice. Not only does pilates lengthen and strengthen muscles, but the low impact movements are also incredibly safe and controlled. So you’re less likely to be injured — although we can’t promise your abs won’t be aching in the morning! 

Browse our selection of pilates instructors based in Buckinghamshire, and begin your fitness journey.

Meditation Centres in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is known for its rolling countryside, tranquil landscapes, and rich history. It’s the perfect place to escape to when you’re feeling worn-down and burnt out. Maybe you’re visiting for a restorative and relaxing weekend break. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a local place to relax your mind and ease your stress, you’ve got to pay a visit to a meditation centre in Buckinghamshire.

Meditation is an ancient practice that uses breath control, mental focus and physical relaxation to help you to reconnect your mind, body and spirit. By encouraging you to enter into a state of quiet reflection,  meditation is a scientifically proven way to develop clarity, concentration and emotional positivity. Increasingly prescribed by the medical community as a way of easing mental distress, meditation can help you to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and lethargy. 

You don’t need the patience and focus of a monk either. Meditation develops with practice. Although you may start with a thousand thoughts buzzing around and an itch on your nose that won’t go away, the more you meditate, the easier it will become. And as you cultivate your technique, you will start to notice improvements in your mental habits, energy levels and cognitive processes.  

Browse our collection of meditation centres and therapists in Buckinghamshire and free your mind.