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Stress Management in London

We’ve never been more stressed. Every day we’re bombarded with a thousand different things that demand our time, attention, and energy. All too often, we’re left feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and completely worn out. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of stress and it’s certainly not possible to avoid potential stressors in your life. However, finding ways to manage your stress levels is integral to your health. Unchecked, chronic stress can lead to a whole host of nasty effects including high blood pressure, increased chances of stroke, heart attack, obesity and depression.

But there’s hope — stress doesn’t have to rule your life. Holistic therapies that take the whole of you into account are perfectly positioned to help you manage stress and regain control. By giving you the tools and techniques to identify your stress triggers and to overcome feelings of stress, anxiety and panic, a holistic approach gives you the strategies to free yourself of chronic stress.

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Different Holistic Therapies for Busting Stress

Most holistic therapies will help you to tackle feelings of stress and find inner peace. Here are some of our favourites:

Stress Counselling

Stress therapists and counsellors are experts in all things stress and stress-related. During your treatment, they will take a holistic approach to the causes of your stress and your ways of managing stress. They will also provide you with tools and techniques for coping with the stressors in your life.

No two sessions of stress counselling are the same. After all, what causes you stress is unique to you. Your therapist or counsellor will spend time helping you to develop skills for managing your time, thoughts, emotions and energies so that you can keep a lid on stress. Stress counsellors use a range of talking therapies as well as a mix of holistic therapies — like those in the list below.


Have you ever found yourself struggling for breath in a moment of increased stress? Or experienced feelings of suffocation when your boss lands another load of work on your desk? Stress often takes our breath away — literally. But yoga can help. 

For over 5,000 years, yoga has been a holistic way to reconnect, realign and relax the body and mind, using breathing techniques, postures, flows and meditation. Yoga is far more than a form of exercise to help you get bendy. By bringing your breath, movements and emotions into communion, yoga helps you to reconnect with yourself, calm your mind, and relax so you can breathe easy.

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Ecstatic Dance

Stress is a vicious cycle. We feel an increase of pressure or tension in our lives that interrupts our sleep and invades our minds, so all we think about is our stress. And so we become more stressed. And round and round we go. So, break the cycle of negative stress by abandoning yourself to pure creativity, joy, and release!

Ecstatic dance is a form of expression, self-exploration and creativity. It gets feel-good endorphins pumping around the body and encourages you to let go, free your mind, and escape the constant cycles of stress that drag you down.

Find an ecstatic dance class near you and embrace your inner free spirit!

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a holistic therapy that is increasingly used to tackle stress and restore feelings of peace, tranquillity and control. Similar to acupressure, EFT uses pressure points to target your mental state and release pressure. 

What makes EFT so uniquely beneficial for dealing with stress is the way it accesses physical issues through energy blockages that find their root causes in trauma and distress. EFT actively targets the emotions to stabilise feelings of stress, restore emotional balance and boost your happiness.

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Don’t let stress limit your life. Explore our range of holistic therapies that can help you fight stress and restore peace to your life.