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Putney acts as the starting point of the annual University Boat Race, alluding to everything you need to know about the area. This affluent Southwest London district is as you’d expect — full of grasslands, lively pubs and British staples such as cricket and picnics in the park. It’s the perfect place to relax in the summertime and indulge in some holistic therapy while you’re at it. 

Both young and old find beauty in Putney as families choose to settle here for a cleaner, greener environment while the vibrancy of Putney’s high street attracts a more energetic crowd. Luckily, Putney is packed with holistic treatments that suit all ages. Choose from classic chiropractors, ancient Chinese medicine and new-age retreats. It’s safe to say, Putney has something for everyone. 

Located just across the Thames from the popular district of Fulham, Putney strikes a balance between being accessible and rare. Its countryside feel lends more to the Lake District than it does to London, yet you can travel to Putney from the City of London in less than thirty minutes. 

Find out what Putney has to offer using our search bar. You can advance your search by selecting whether you want to view clinics or independent practitioners.

Putney is home to plenty of independent practitioners if you’re looking to make a personal connection. This affluent area boasts an array of therapists who have either founded their own clinics or remained independent after years of experience and education in their respective fields. You’ll find therapists specialising in various practices including homoeopathy, rehabilitation and acupuncture. Discover some of Putney’s independent therapist profiles: 

As you can see, Putney has a diverse selection of independent practices on offer. Above all, homoeopathy is popular here. This is the practice of treating ailments with alternative medicine, namely, natural substances. 

Reiki and Spiritual Healing in Putney

Putney is a true holistic haven offering staple spiritual healing practices such as reiki. Most people know that reiki focuses on energy transference, including removing negative energy from the body. The practice originates from Japan but feels more like an LA health craze. With that said, reiki is far from a fad with avid fans of the treatment claiming energy can pass through the therapist’s hands into the body. 

You don’t need to have any specific symptoms or reasoning to try reiki as the practice generally improves well-being. In other words, if you fancy trying a holistic therapy while in Putney, this could be a safe option. 

More specifically, reiki relieves stress and tension, both physically and mentally. So, whether you’re leading a busy life in the UK’s capital or trying to enjoy an escape while in London, reiki could help to relax you after just one session. By removing mental blocks, reiki can also boost mental clarity and improve relationships. 

If you’ve never engaged with holistic therapy before, reiki is a great therapy for beginners. Sessions are focused on awakening a spiritual sixth sense and can help you to understand the overarching philosophy of alternative medicine. 

Aesthetic Treatments in Putney

Want to look and feel your best in London? Putney merges cosmetic treatments with holistic practice. Re:Treat London is a Putney-based clinic offering traditional spa therapy including aesthetic, anti-ageing and beauty services. Although we often take an inner over outer approach when talking about holistic therapy, places like Putney are modernising what it means to take a holistic approach. 

Whether you want to experience a hydrafacial or undergo vampire therapy, the skilled therapists at Re:Treat promise to give you long-lasting results without the need for medical intervention, surgery or constant scrutiny in front of the mirror. 

When in Putney, the holistic world is your oyster. Discover conventional, traditional and modern holistic treatment types to start mapping out your holistic health journey using our search tool.