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Holistic Therapists in Park Lane

Once a simple country lane that traced the border of Hyde Park, Park Lane is now one of the most upmarket areas of London. Stretching from Hyde Park to Marble Arch, it’s a lane unlike any other. Park Lane is the home of several award-winning, globally recognised luxury hotels such as the Dorchester and the Park Lane hotel, which tempt tourists drawn by the opulence and old-time charm of these decadent buildings. 

For those with a more economical travel budget, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied on Park Lane. For the art enthusiasts, there’s Somerset House, which hosts a range of innovative contemporary art exhibitions, fashion shows, and outdoor cinema concerts. Then there is Hyde Park, one of the most iconic green spaces in London, which offers endless activities and sports to pass an afternoon. 

Park Lane is also the home to a host of holistic health therapists and clinics. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic yoga class or a restorative meditation session, a stimulating massage or an Ayurvedic life overhaul — Park Lane has it all. 

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Bowen Technique on Park Lane 

Have you ever jumped out of your seat in the cinema and felt your heart beating fast the second something scary bursts onto the screen? Or pulled out some karate moves at the sound of a wasp flying dangerously close to your ears? Our nervous system is always primed for action. The smallest stimulus from the world around us sends our bodies into either fight or flight mode. Since the times of our earliest caveman ancestors, these natural reflexes have been paramount to keeping us safe from harm — whether from other tribes, sabertooth tigers — or any of the other threat. But today, what once protected us has become a problem. 

Our bodies are constantly in a state of overdrive, continuously responding to stimuli, which force our bodies into action. All of this can leave us feeling worn down, burnt out and exhausted. 

Bowen Therapy is designed to give our bodies a much-needed break. Utilising a unique kneading technique using thumbs and fingers, a Bowen therapist applies pressure to the body through a series of rolling movements. These movements help to stimulate the nerve pathways and create a deeper synergy in the nervous systems of the body.  

If you suffer from any muscular-skeletal condition, Bowen Therapy is scientifically proven to help. And it doesn’t stop there — Bowen Therapy can also help to enhance the immune system, reduce stress, boost circulation and ease pain. 

Find a Bowen therapist on Park Lane today, and learn the power of self-healing. 

Yoga Class on Park Lane 

Do you want to build strength, endurance and flexibility? Are you looking to re-energise and reconnect your body, mind and spirit? Or are you simply looking for ways to harmonise your breath with your movements and experience peace and tranquillity while getting in shape? Look no further than a yoga class on Park Lane. 

Yoga is a holistic exercise system, which uses a series of movements and poses to improve the union between your mind, body and spirit. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be inhumanly flexible or a super athlete either — whatever your fitness level or ability there’s a yoga class out there for you. From dynamic Vinyasa flow to restorative Yin yoga classes, intense Ashtanga to gentle Hatha, there are dozens of different forms of yoga to master. 

Find a yoga class on Park Lane and embrace your inner yogi.