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Holistic Therapist Knightsbridge

The impressive buildings and luxury shops of Knightsbridge attract tourists from near and far, as well as Londoners looking to spend their hard earned money. The now iconic Harrods and Harvey Nics offer ample opportunities to purchase some opulent and decadent items, and after all that shopping wears you down, there’s a plethora of world-class restaurants and bars to sit in and pass the time, watching the affluent locals meander through the stunning streets. Knightsbridge is also home to some of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in London, which have also provided temporary accommodation to the rich and famous. 

But Knightsbridge is not only the playground of the extravagantly wealthy — it’s also home to many holistic therapists and clinics. From mystical crystal therapy to re-energising Shiatsu, stimulating aromatherapy to sweat-inducing hot yoga, there are hundreds of different opportunities to boost your health in Knightsbridge — many without the hefty price tag that typifies this area of West London. 

Whether you’re a resident of Knightsbridge, a Londoner exploring a different part of the city, or a tourist drawn to the area’s high-end reputation, no visit to Knightsbridge would be complete without a visit to a holistic therapist. And with The Holistic Guide to London, it’s never been easier to find a holistic therapist who suits your needs — or budget! 

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Reflexology Therapists in Knightsbridge 

Are you looking for a non-invasive holistic therapy, which can effectively heal discomfort, illnesses, aches and pains? Look no further than reflexology. Reflexology uses pressure points — known as reflexes — on your feet, hands and ears to heal the pain points and tension in the body. Each reflex is said to correlate to a different part of the body via the nervous system — so,  the heel of the foot connects with the lower back and intestine, the arch of the foot links to the liver, pancreas and kidneys, and the tips of the toes connect with the head and neck. 

By stimulating these reflexes within the foot, a reflexology therapist can effectively target pain points, tension and imbalances in your joints, organs, and musculoskeletal system. Whether you suffer from sluggish digestion, experience chronic lower back pain, or are constantly tackling migraines — reflexology can help. 

Browse our range of reflexology therapists in Knightsbridge and discover new horizons of health. 

Pilates Instructors in Knightsbridge 

Are you looking to lengthen and strengthen your muscles? Do you want to develop your flexibility, mind-body connection, and boost your overall health? Look no further than a pilates class in Knightsbridge. 

Pilates is a holistic exercise system, which uses controlled movement and resistance exercises to improve posture, flexibility, strength and bodily awareness. Each class focuses on building your core strength through a series of complex, targeted movements which engage your mind and develop focus and clarity. But it’s not just your core that is worked in a pilates class — everything is, including biceps, shoulders, inner and outer thighs and glutes. 

There are several iterations of Pilates, for every ability, skill and need — from Reformer Pilates which uses specially-designed equipment to Mat Pilates that utilises your body weight as a form of resistance. And the best part? Because Pilates is low impact, you’re less likely to sustain an injury. 

Browse our selection of pilates instructors based in Knightsbridge, and begin your fitness journey.