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Genesis Mind And Body London
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Heavenly Massage London
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Kane & Ross Osteopathy Clinic London
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Kensington & Chelsea Massage Therapy London
Heartcore Fitness London
The Medical Chambers London
Sj Health London
Susan Mumford London
Maha Khabbaz London
Active Life Podiatry London
Hijama Clinic North West London London
Core Kensington London
Izzy Harrap London
Chinese Remedies Clinic London
Daska Hatton London
Evolve London
Marc Salmon London
Rex Lassalle London
Otzia London
The Sw7 Clinic London
Osteo Gait London
Takako London
Bliss Viberations London
Sandra Gillespie London
West Kensington Pilates London
Cacao Calling London
Swedish Massage Services London
School Of Meditation London
Lis Hasted London
Nazan Acupuncture London
Nine Lucksa London
Lynne Howard London
Lei Zhou An London
Innerdetox Colonic Irrigation London
Traditional Reiki Healing London
London Doctors Clinic London
Genevieve London
Kirsten Kitchen London
Om Feet Reflexology London
Meriem Laouiti London
Power Chiropractors London
Jan Chisek London
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Holistic Therapists in Kensington

Home to the best and most iconic museums in London, the Kensington area is the perfect place to spend the day rambling along stunning streets and perusing high-end fashion shops and fine-dining restaurants. For culture vultures, there’s truly no better place to visit than Kensington. The world famous Cromwell Road is home to the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum — all packed with interesting curiosities and historical exhibitions, which help you to see the world in a new way. For the musically inclined, listening to a concert at the impressive Royal Albert Hall is an absolute must, while charming Kensington Gardens provides the perfect location for a mid-afternoon picnic. 

If you’re looking to experience a closer connection to ancient cultures, then make sure you book in for a holistic therapy in Kensington. Kensington is home to a broad array of holistic therapists who offer an unbridled collection of holistic therapies, treatments and products. From restorative meditation centres to dynamic Reformer Pilates classes, ancient Ayurveda centres to self-healing Bowen Technique sessions — there’s a holistic experience for every taste and desire. 

Whether you’re a local Kensington resident looking for a regular holistic clinic to help you to rebalance, rejuvenate and reconnect, or a  tourist drawn to the area for its historical and cultural significance, The Holistic Guide to London makes finding a holistic therapist in Kensington easier than ever. 

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Shiatsu Therapy in Kensington 

If your trip to one of Kensington’s impressive museums has inspired you to sync in with a profound ancient therapy, then you’ve got to try Shiatsu therapy. 

Shiatsu was first developed in Japan over 2,000 years ago and falls under the umbrella of traditional Chinese medicine. In Shiatsu — as with other forms of traditional Chinese medicine — it is believed all the imbalances and illnesses that occur in the body, mind and soul are the results of blocked physical energy —  also known as “Qi”. Whether you suffer from low moods, lethargy and exhaustion, constantly cycle through coughs and colds, or suffer from sluggish digestion, Shiatsu suggests this is a sign of a problem with your energy flow. 

Shiatsu therapy uses a series of massage strokes, physical exercises and breath work to help restore balance and flow in the body. So, if you want to tap into an ancient practice and rejuvenate your bodily, mental, and spiritual health, then try Shiatsu therapy in Kensington. 

Browse our collection of Shiatsu therapists based in Kensington and get back in the flow with this ancient therapy. 

Mindfulness Centres in Kensington  

Life can be stressful and overwhelming. It’s easy to feel yourself slowly becoming detached from the things you truly value amidst the endless loop of commute-work-sleep — and to despair at the constant influx of bills. In our digital age, information has never been more readily available, but these contemporary developments present a whole new range of issues. So, if you find yourself lost in the rabbit-hole of social media or growing distant from friends, family — or yourself — recenter and re-engage with a mindfulness session in Kensington.  

Mindfulness is a contemporary form of meditation designed to ground you in the present, by teaching you to become conscious of all your emotions, feelings and sensations — as and when you experience them. Mindfulness believes that when you fully engage with the present, you have the time and space to discover who you truly are, where you are, what you want and where you’re heading. 

Our list of mindfulness practitioners in Kensington provides a range of choices for your perfect escape from the present and restorative space for self-reflection. Whether you’re looking for an hour long-session or a weekend mindfulness retreat in this part of London, there’s a Kensington clinic for you. 

Browse our collection of Mindfulness Centres based in Kensington and recenter, re-engage and rejuvenate.