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London’s historical law district attracts an eclectic mix of professionals and curious visitors — all looking to sample the finer things in life. After admiring the Royal Courts of Justice and perusing Holborn’s prestigious diamond boutiques, take a break to unwind and enjoy some form of holistic therapy. 

Therapists in Holborn cater to the busy lives of Londoners and the dizzying effects of a traveller’s whirlwind trip. Therapy services focused on rest and relaxation juxtapose the hustle and bustle of Holborn’s many museums and quirky attractions. With a vibrant nightlife scene, residents in Holborn might forget to focus on their health. Similarly, tourists with a jam-packed itinerary often leave little time to devote to wellbeing. 

Why not inject some calm into the storm? Next time you’re in Holborn, try a peaceful pilates class or a rejuvenating Reiki session

Whether Holborn is your home or your next holiday destination, use our search feature to find a full range of therapy options and independent therapists in and around the district.

Natural Chinese Medicine in Holborn

You might think Holborn is an unlikely place to find an abundance of Chinese medicine, but this diverse community will surprise you with its secret source of Eastern influence. It’s almost impossible to explore every route of Chinese medicine as this can stem from herbal remedies and tai chi to something as abstract as feng shui. In Holborn, you’ll find houses of Chinese medicine such as Nature Chinese Medicine Centre to stop you from feeling overwhelmed by the endless choices on offer.

Therapists at these practices will suggest suitable therapy types based on your queries, symptoms and desires. They’ll refer to the overarching principles of Chinese medicine — that all issues are related to an imbalance in the body. If you want to restore balance while in Holborn, natural Chinese medicine is a no brainer. You’ll go back to the roots of health and learn about the earth’s famous five elements and the importance of yin and yang. 

Acupuncture in Holborn

Acupuncture — which is also a form of Chinese medicine — is the practice of inserting thin needles into the body to relieve pain. Nowadays, acupuncture feels more modern than traditional with contemporary therapy clinics popping up all over Holborn such as Acu Body Therapies. Although therapists rely on ancient Chinese practice, you’ll find your treatment to be a refreshing, updated version of traditional acupuncture. 

You might be a good candidate for acupuncture if you suffer from chronic pain or you’re experiencing fertility issues. Clinics like Holborn Acupuncture boast specialists in different areas to ensure you’re experiencing the best treatment possible. 

Both visitors and residents of Holborn will benefit from acupuncture and neither should be too afraid to try it for the first time. Many see acupuncture as a painful procedure, yet ironically the therapy is available to reduce pain — in the long-term. 

Specialist Pilates in Holborn

Looking for something less invasive? The pilates scene in Holborn has got you covered. 

Unlike basic pilates studios, classes at Kings Cross Studios aren’t restricted to exercise mats. This studio specialises in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis pilates, using specialist equipment to enhance your workout. This exclusive equipment increases support during your workout and over time improves posture, range of motion and resistance to injuries. If you’re part of the active community in Holborn — prone to sports injuries or struggling from incorrect posture — you’ll find this type of specialist pilates essential. 

Holborn is also home to fantastic facilities that focus on pilates for rehabilitation. Studios like Bkh Pilates offer private and group sessions focused on the reduction of lower back pain and recovery from injury. It’s common for these types of practices to partner with physiotherapists for maximum rehabilitation support.  

While weekend visitors won’t be hard-pressed to find a regular pilates class around Holborn, permanent residents will benefit from the availability of specialist practices, focused on long-term health issues. 

Explore all therapy types available in Holborn using our handy search tool. As well as accessing Chinese medicine and an array of acupuncture clinics, you’ll discover mindfulness and massage therapists, leaving you spoilt for choice.