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Some say Hackney is London’s most liveable borough, in part due to the huge regeneration that has taken place over the last few years. However, it’s safe to say that Hackney could be described as Alternative. Once an industrial hub, this inner borough is now home to creatives who have repurposed these buildings by covering them with art and murals. This vibrant part of London is eclectic, fun and alive. People in Hackney are always trying and developing something new, making it the perfect place for alternative medicine to thrive. 

If you’re taking a short trip to London and have stumbled across Hackney’s district, you might be exhausted from the endless partying, shopping and eating on offer. Fear not, there are plenty of more relaxed, holistic activities to delve into after the initial buzz of Hackney wears off. Feeling drowsy after a midday meal? The area is known for restorative massage. Experiencing lethargy after too many nights on the town? You might benefit from a pick-me-up pilates class. 

For both residents and visitors, Hackney has a lot of surprises up its sleeve. The area, which is also known as “Hipster Hackney”, has taken to holistic therapy, creating an emerging spiritual, spa-like scene. Finally, Hackney might be finding some balance, offering unexpected bursts of energy and a slow release of endorphins. 

Find ways to relax in Hackney using our search tool. Filter through numerous holistic therapy types to find a session that’s right for you.

Pilates and Yoga in Hackney

Pilates and yoga have become universally popular, yet each has subtle differences. Holistic therapy fans will know that yoga boasts stronger holistic roots, as it’s fundamentally a meditative practice. Pilates, on the other hand, is still seen as a holistic exercise, yet it takes a more physical and contemporary approach. You’ll find pilates uses various pieces of equipment besides a mat. So, how should you choose between the two? 

Pilates is especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injury. Alternatively, yoga is often great for those who are intent on improving their wellbeing while getting a good workout in at the same time. 

Whether your focus is on your mental or physical health, Putney has a great range of studios to choose from. Ditch the club in favour of Tempo Pilates E8’s classes, an innovative way to enjoy reformer pilates with music. Or, slow the pace at The Well Garden,  which offers a classic yoga retreat vibe with a real sense of community. When it comes to holistic exercise routines, you’re spoilt for choice in Putney. Yoga and pilates aside, the district is also home to Studio Lagree teaching the hottest workouts from Hollywood.  

Meditation and Mindfulness in Hackney

If you want a gentle introduction to holistic practice, meditation classes and mindfulness therapy offer a serene way to get acquainted. 

Somewhere between Hackney’s bustling walkways crammed full of shops, restaurants and bars are its best-kept secrets like Beeja Meditation. They say it’s always calm in the eye of the storm, describing exactly how it feels to attend a meditation course in this central location. The team here are personable and fun, while still retaining expert status. What’s great about meditation centres is they cater to all ability levels, so if you’re new to meditation, there’s no need to feel intimidated. With that said, you’ll be just as excited to take a visit if you’re an avid meditator. The site has many annual events, including a celebration of World Meditation Day where you’re guaranteed to meet like-minded individuals. 

If learning to meditate sounds like too much of a commitment, you might prefer the more generic mindfulness therapy. At centres like Therapeutic Space Raku-Comodo, you can find your inner zen in just one session. The space offers specialised massages for those who are pregnant or are experiencing stress symptoms, as well as advanced reflexology. The entire space takes a mindful approach, helping rewire how you think about digestive and hormonal balance.

While mindfulness and meditation might seem like an odd fit within Hackney’s care-free street scene, many residents benefit from these pockets of calm to help replenish their lost energy. 

Restorative Massage in Hackney

Massage is perhaps one of the most common holistic therapy practices with most people receiving at least one professional massage in their life. While many people may visit a day-spa or treat themselves to a hotel massage, it’s worth noting professional massages can be found everywhere — not just on vacation. Clinics like Khoo Massage are well-versed in massage, making it the only type of therapy on their services list. You can find a variety of massage types on offer, such as classic Swedish massages, new mother massages — even corporate sessions if you own a business in or around Hackney. 

If you’re married to the feeling of having a vacation-like experience, you’ll find Thai-inspired massage in the heart of Hackney. Forget the long-haul flight as Thai & Deep Tissue Massage has got you covered. This clinic specialises in clothed massages without the use of oil, making it the perfect lunchtime pamper. Visually, this massage might look more like a series of couple’s yoga poses than a gentle kneading of the back. The idea is that practitioners will apply pressure and stretches to key joints to harmonise the flow of energy in the body. 

Finally, Hackney’s high activity levels mean sports massage is also prevalent in the area. London Osteopathy and Sports Clinic offer the type of massage intended to repair, if not necessarily relax.

All three approaches to massage attempt to restore the body — a much-needed activity if you’re finding it hard to keep up with Hackney’s fast-paced lifestyle. 

Whether you’re lying still on a massage bed, gently floating through meditation or pushing your body to its limits in reformer pilates, there are plenty of ways to relax in Hackney. Discover all therapy types using our simple search tool.