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Battersea is located in South West London and is perhaps most famous for its Power Station. Despite this, Battersea has a lot more to offer than a single, Grade II listed building. In this part of London, you’ll find Northcote Road — complete with an antique market — as well as a whole host of holistic therapy options. Battersea Park makes this district the perfect place to spend a day focused on tranquillity, wandering around the greenery, vintage boating and wildlife after a morning massage. 

Therapy in Battersea mirrors the district itself — slow-paced, boutique and effortlessly upmarket. 

That’s why you’ll find plenty of holistic therapists trained in wellness, pilates and alternative healing, making sure your stay is endlessly relaxing. For locals, there’s no better weekend agenda than taste-testing some of the town’s best cappuccinos at bistros a minute’s walk away from prestigious pilates clinics. If you’ve moved to Battersea to embark on a slower pace of life — this area is popular with families due to its abundance of green space, a rarity in London — you won’t be disappointed. The holistic health scene is sure to help you to unwind after the initial move. 

Explore all types of holistic therapy in Battersea using our search tool. You can choose from 50+ service types to find the right therapist for you.

Post-Pregnancy Treatments in Battersea

For many new parents, holistic therapy is a great way to unwind after the big event. A growing community of new parents in Battersea has introduced a market for at-home sessions and post-pregnancy treatments the district has keenly responded to.

You don’t have to enjoy Holistic therapy alone. Yoga classes that incorporate new life are perfect for new mums who want to spend as much time as possible with their little one. Enjoy a mum and baby yoga class at Eve & Grace that’s suitable for both beginner and experienced yogis. A tight-knit group like this poses an excellent opportunity for networking with other new parents in the area. 

Parenting can be overwhelming, especially after only a few weeks of practice. Luckily, the London Centre for Mindfulness is located in the heart of Battersea, offering full and half-day courses. Non-academic courses can introduce structure back into your life during the maternity period and help to relieve stress by teaching you simple mindfulness techniques. 

Alternatively, it’s easy to find a therapist in Battersea who offers at-home appointments if you want to gradually return to holistic healing from the comfort of your own environment. The experts at Ec Vitality offer mobile pilates, fitness and flexibility training, as well as traditional Thai yoga massage. 

Physiotherapy and Pain Relief in Battersea

Treat long-term injuries in Battersea with laser-focused therapy clinics. This area offers dignified rehabilitation with discreet riverside locations such as Très Health. The clinic offers physiotherapy and osteopathy, as well as surgical prevention, preparation and recovery. Here, therapists are experts at assessing long-term cases and provide therapy to support you on your unique holistic health journey. 

If the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture is more your thing, Battersea doesn’t disappoint. Mina Haeri Acupuncture is an independent acupuncturist providing you with one-to-one therapist support. If you’re unfamiliar with acupuncture, this therapy involves inserting thin needles into a problem area to relieve chronic pain. Ultimately, acupuncture helps to restore the body’s equilibrium, helping you to feel balanced, relieved and free of long-lasting pain.

Therapists in Battersea don’t just deal with physical pain. Establishments such as Temple of Awakening instead focus on mental healing, offering services such as crystal healing, hypnosis and past life regression. Hypnosis therapy, in particular, has been linked to fighting addiction and removing phobias. 

Discover more therapy types available in Battersea. Use our search page to refine your selection and discover therapists specialising in yoga, sports massage and reflexology.