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Holistic Therapists in Berkshire



Berkshire Yoga Berkshire

Rolling countryside, quaint villages, pristine English gardens, and riverside pubs — It’s easy to forget Berkshire is right on the doorstep of London. Just a short journey from the capital, Berkshire is a haven of tranquillity, peace and beauty that provides the perfect antidote to the madness and mayhem of city life. From characterful Pangbourne to picturesque Ascot, there are hundreds of things to do and explore in this royal county. 

With a wealth of towns, villages and countryside to discover, it’s not surprising Berkshire is a top choice for tourists looking to rest, relax and revive in the quintessential harmony of the English countryside. And for those interested in the royal family, Berkshire is also the birthplace of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and remains to this day the place her family calls home. 

Whether you’re one of the many tourists attracted to Berkshire for its great location or a local looking to embrace new parts of your home county, don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some holistic health. Get your heart pumping with a dynamic reformer pilates class, ease away the aches and pains with a Swedish massage or discover the secrets of one of the oldest health systems in the world with an Ayurvedic session. There’s a world of holistic health therapies to explore in Berkshire and something for every taste and need. 

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Cupping Therapy in Berkshire

Strange red circles marking the skin and the octopus-like suction devices may put more than a few off cupping therapy — but there’s no need to be intimidated. Do away with any preconceptions. Cupping therapy is an ancient and effective holistic therapy that will leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated and relaxed! 

The origins of cupping therapy reach way back to the Ancient Egyptians. The treatment even appears as a form of medical procedure in the Ebers Papyrus (the oldest medical textbook in the world). Then, as now, cupping was used as a means of easing muscle aches, boosting circulation, and restoring balance. It was and continues to be, a way to heal, reconnect and relax. 

Cupping therapy uses small glass or bamboo cups to create suction on the skin and to lift up the superficial muscle into the cup. Think of it as a massage in reverse. Whereas massage applies pressure downwards onto the muscle, cupping applies pressure to the muscles in an upward direction. As with massage, cupping helps to encourage blood flow, calm the nervous system and release toxins in the body. It’s also a great therapy for anyone suffering from mental issues such as fatigue, anxiety and depression and physical conditions including migraines, infertility, and chronic pain. 

Browse our collection of cupping therapists in Berkshire and open yourself up to totally new sensations of relaxation. 

Yoga Classes in Berkshire 

Are you looking to improve your strength and durability? Do you want to re-energize and reconnect with your body and mind? Or are you simply looking for a holistic way to exercise and get in shape? If you’re based or visiting Berkshire, then why not sign up for a yoga class in the area? 

Most of us will have heard of yoga and will have our own ideas of what it looks like and what it requires. Our minds conjure images of insane athleticism, circus-like flexibility, and monk-like patience.  But that’s not the full picture. Yoga actually translates as “union with the divine.” It’s a form of holistic exercise therapy that uses poses, flows and patterns of breath to form a union between the body, mind and spirit. Whatever your fitness level, or background, there’s a yoga class for you. 

Our selection of yoga instructors in Berkshire offer a range of classes for every taste, type and ability. If you’re looking to sweat it out and pump up your heartbeat, try a dynamic vinyasa flow or power yoga class. Or, if you’re feeling worn down and burnt out, restore and reconnect with a gentle yin or Hatha yoga class. Not sure what you’re looking for? No problem, try a drop-in class! 

Explore our range of yoga classes in Berkshire and take your first step towards incredible health.