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Spiritual Healing in London

Our modern society loves a quick fix. For each ache, pain and ailment, there are a hundred different pills, surgeries and medical interventions that promise to ease symptoms and deliver full health. If you encounter a bacterial infection, there are antibiotics, and for depression, antidepressants are prescribed. We treat the manifestations of the problem and assume it’s resolved. But are we missing a piece of the puzzle? Are we just the sum of our symptoms? Or should we consider our health holistically and see each sign of ill-health is a result of a range of emotional, spiritual and physical issues? 

It is this idea that underpins Spiritual Healing. Spiritual Healing’s basis is the belief that all illnesses and ailments are the result of an imbalance within the body and mind. So, you cannot truly cure your issues without digging a little deeper into their root causes. 

With a focus on healing the mind and body through the spirit, Spiritual Healing embraces spiritual growth, intellectual expansion and physical intervention as ways to address your health holistically. You learn how to energise your body’s self-healing processes and stimulate your spirit to unblock imbalances in the mind and body. 

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What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Healing?

Practitioners have utilised the spirit to cure the body and mind for thousands of years. From Chakra Healing in ancient Indian practices to the teachings of traditional Chinese Medicine, the spirit is a central means of understanding and healing the body and mind in a sustainable, holistic way. 

Spiritual Healing draws on these disparate but interconnected practices to provide a spiritual journey that takes us deeper into who we are and what we need from life. It also helps us overcome concerns, blockages and fears by providing spiritual clarity, calmness and self-enlightenment.  Participants will experience a range of different benefits, including: 

  • A greater sense of calm and eased feelings of stress and anxiety 
  • Revived energy and vitality 
  • Stronger and more profound relationships and connections with other people 
  • Heightened ability to self-heal and prevent the development of illness 
  • Boosted immunity and smoother running bodily systems

What to Expect from a Spiritual Healing Session?

No two Spiritual Healing sessions are the same. Each session depends on your particular needs, your personality type, and the preferred techniques and skills of your healer. Sessions can take place over the phone, in person, or via video call. You can participate in group and individual sessions.  Your only task is to find the one that works best for you. 

Although there’s no “one-size-fits-all”, most Spiritual Healing sessions will begin with an initial conversation with your healer. In this time, you will discuss your lifestyle, current circumstances, fears and concerns, and expectations of your therapy. Although you will continually develop these insights through your treatment, it’s important to be open, brave, and honest throughout this first meeting. The greater your healer’s understanding of you as a person, the more tailored and effective they can make your treatment. 

Your first session will normally begin with a quietning of the mind. Your healer will gently guide you into a state of peace, so you can set your intention for your healing —  a process that will power your treatment. It’s not uncommon for an intention to arise that you didn’t plan for, but it’s essential to trust in the process. 

While you’re in a meditative state, your healer will use a range of techniques to stimulate your spirit. Some people claim to feel a sense of floating or vibration throughout this experience, while others feel intense emotional sensations. 

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