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Shamanism in London

Shamanic healing has been practised as a potent means of healing the body and reviving the spirit for at least 40,000 years. Practised by our earliest ancestors across every continent of our planet, shamanism is an ancient spiritual practise that seeks to heal the body and mind through the spirit.

Today, the word shaman is imbued with the power of mysticism and ancient allure, but don’t be fooled; shamanism still has a role to play in our contemporary times. In shamanism, all illnesses and ailments of the mind and body are results of the loss of soul essence, personal power and energy. By working with the spirit, shamans can recover your drive in life, restore your soul and revive your energies.

Explore the mystical practise of ancient mankind and discover new realms of self-empowerment, self-love, and self-confidence.

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What Are the Benefits of Shamanism?

Shamanism has been practised all over the world since the times of our earliest ancestors. Comprising an ancient collection of traditions designed to connect the physical world with the spiritual world, shamanism is a means of forging profound communions between realms.

The name shaman first emerged in the Siberian Tungus tribe and translates as “spiritual healer” or “one who sees in the dark”. These early shamans performed a key function in the community, providing a pathway to the spiritual realm and helping the community to grow and heal. Today, the role of the shaman, although less common, remains the same. A shaman can remove and restore energetic pathways, recover the soul and communicate how your spiritual and physical health and wellness are connected.

Among the many benefits of shamanism are:

  • Greater spiritual and emotional clarity 
  • A clearer image of your desires and wants 
  • Increased vitality and energy 
  • An expanded sense of self and wellness 
  • A stronger connection to the spiritual realm 
  • A strengthened immune system 
  • Greater insight and boosted confidence

What to Expect from a Shamanism Session

Whether you’re looking to resolve personal health issues, professional challenges or family fallouts, there are many reasons you may decide to visit a shaman. Whatever your reason, a visit to a shaman is a potent and powerful experience unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. And although each shaman will utilise a different form of practice and approach your sessions differently, there are some commonalities among all shamanic practices. 

Sessions may take place inside or outside among nature. Most sessions will begin with an initial conversation, during which they will discuss your desires, needs and wants. You may also be asked about your lifestyle, diet, medical history and anything else that may pertain to your treatment. It’s important to be open and honest throughout this conversation and that you air any uncertainties or questions you may have about your treatment. 

Shamans work in ecstatic trance states, states that alter their consciousness and allow them to travel between different spiritual realms. So you can enter into this state, they may instruct you to lie down and close your eyes while they use incense or rhythmic drumming. Through the session, your shaman will use a series of ancient spiritual rituals to aid your journey — these will be discussed with you before the ceremony. 

You may feel a deep sense of emotional release, love or calmness rush over you. Many people claim to feel as though they were suddenly woken after a deep and restorative slumber. 

At the end of your session, your practitioner will talk with you about your experience, what to expect over the next couple of days and any important aftercare. 

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