Pregnancy Doula in London



Pregnancy Doula in London

Are you pregnant and feeling anxious about the changes in your body, your delivery or your imminent early days of motherhood? Are you looking for someone knowledgeable, nurturing and supportive to guide you through your pregnancy and labour? Or are you looking for someone to help you to fully support your pregnant partner? Maybe you should invest in a pregnancy doula.

Historically, pregnant women would work closely with a network of women who provided them with all of the support, knowledge and guidance necessary to understand their changing bodies, minds and lifestyles during pregnancy, labour and the early stages of motherhood. Nowadays, a new mother's time in hospital is shorter than ever and the ever-changing standards of women and, particularly, pregnant women, can leave them feeling isolated during this incredible, transformative time. But that’s where a pregnancy doula comes in. 

A pregnancy doula plays a similar role to the women of the past. Professionally trained in childbirth, a doula provides a range of emotional, physical and educational support to expecting mothers, those in labour and women newly initiated into motherhood. At the core of their role is the care of the women and ensuring that they have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience. 

Whether you’re looking for assistance during pregnancy or labour or postpartum care, we have a range of pregnancy doulas who can empower you and ensure your experience is as magical and transformative as it should be.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Pregnancy Doula?

Childbirth is an incredible, transformative and totally overwhelming experience for any woman. Giving life to another human is an amazing thing, but it can be an intense experience. Your body changes in ways that you may not recognise and you may dread the pain of labour or fear that you aren’t prepared for motherhood. Research shows that a doula can ease your mind and empower your experience. 

Women who use a pregnancy doula claim to use less pain-relief medication, are less likely to have a cesarean birth and, overall, have a more positive childbirth experience. Further studies suggest that doulas help to increase the level of natural oxytocin (a feel-good pain-reducing chemical) in the brain through a series of massages and exercises.  

Above all, a doula helps make mothers feel safe, nurtured and supported! 

What to Expect from Your Pregnancy Doula

Unlike your relationship with a midwife, pregnancy doulas aren’t just there for when you’re in labour. Your relationship will begin several months before the baby is even due. This period is integral to the doula process, as it gives both you and your doula time to get to know each other, build trust and become comfortable with each other. These early sessions will usually be structured around informal chats, during which your doula may ask a little bit about you, your experience of pregnancy and your expectations of motherhood. These chats are also a great opportunity to ask any questions that you may have, express any fears or concerns and find solidarity in an understanding and nurturing relationship. 

Many women are cautious about airing some of their more personal issues, whether emotional or spiritual, out of fear of seeming unprepared or unsuited to motherhood. But you’ll soon learn that the more open, honest and engaged you are with your doula, the more you will get out of your sessions and personalised birth plan. 

Throughout your pregnancy, most doulas will make sure that they’re available to you via phone, so whatever questions or concerns may arise, you'll always have someone to talk to. It’s important to understand, however, that although doulas are often highly knowledgeable about all medical aspects of labour and delivery, they are not able to provide any kind of medical care — they are a knowledgeable source and nurturing friend. A doula can guide you and give you a deeper understanding of the procedures, processes and potential complications of late pregnancy and delivery. 

When you go into labour, your doula will be on hand to offer tips for pain relief, breathing and relaxation techniques, and stimulating massages to induce labour. Your doula will also help your partner so that they can support you in the right way. 

After you’ve delivered, your doula will help you recover and bond with your baby as well as show you how to breastfeed and cope with the new responsibilities of motherhood. 

Childbirth is one of the most transformative and intense experiences of a woman’s life. Book in with a doula to ensure that your experience is empowering and nurturing.