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Muscle Testing in London

Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology (AK) is an alternative medicine that can be used to diagnose structural, chemical, muscular and mental ailments. Premised on Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion, muscle testing acts on the principle that “for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction” and applies it to the human body.

In muscle testing, your emotional and mental life are thought to be connected and played out in the muscles in the form of spasms, weakness or structural issues. In turn, by performing a muscle test, practitioners can diagnose any underlying medical, emotional or mental conditions. In essence, muscle testing tackles internal issues through the external body to provide a holistic understanding of your health and wellbeing.

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What Are the Benefits of Muscle Testing?

Our body is made up of a complex grid of pure energy. This energy runs through us and is key to maintaining the body’s balance and the mind’s tranquillity. Muscle testing practitioners believe that when the energy around our body becomes blocked, stuck or low, it shorts in the muscle. This, in turn, leads to complications in our emotional and mental state.

In muscle testing, a practitioner will test your muscle to find points of weakness or strength in the body. Think of it as asking your body questions to get clear answers about the subconscious mind. The result? You develop a keen insight into what you mind really think, how you feel emotionally and why your body is experiencing pain, imbalance or weakness.

What to Expect from a Muscle Testing Session

As with most holistic therapies, there’s no exact formula for a muscle test as each session depends on the particular practitioner and your needs and requirements. 

In general, a muscle testing session will begin with a brief consultation when your practitioner asks some questions to get to know you a little better. For example, they may ask you about your diet, perceived health, and general lifestyle. But don’t worry, most of the questions will be addressed to your body! 

Your practitioner will then go through a series of questions for your muscles. They will carefully analyse the responses of the muscles using a range of techniques. You’re not expected to respond verbally during this time as your body is a powerful communicator of your subconscious. It takes a lot of expertise to understand the language of the body, but put simply, when your muscles stay strong,  they are replying “yes.” When the muscles slack, we can interpret this as your body saying “no”. 

Your practitioner will then explain to you the readings they have made from your body. Together, you will then put together a plan for overcoming any issues or problems within your mind, body or soul.

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