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Alexander Technique in London

The Alexander Technique is designed to teach you how to improve your posture and movement, but it’s far more than that. From childhood, we’re constantly learning and developing new habits about the way we stand, sit, walk and move. But over time, we can start taking shortcuts and implementing bad postural habits. These bad habits can have drastic consequences for our health. They may begin with us slumping in front of a laptop and developing chronic pain in our lower back. Or, we could develop a habit of walking on our toes — leading to muscular imbalance in our legs. Turns out when your mum told you “don’t slump, sit up straight,” she was talking sense — mums know best after all! 

  • Four key principles guide the Alexander Technique: 
  • The way you move, sit, lie and stand affects the functionality of your body 
  • The relationship between your head, neck and spine is fundamental to your health 
  • The mind and body are intimately connected 
  • A mindful approach to daily movement and activities is vital to your sustained health and wellbeing 

With the Alexander Technique, you learn how to address bad habits, rebalance and re-align your body and mind so you can live your healthiest, happiest life. 

Explore our range of Alexander Technique therapists in your area and take the steps towards your healthiest, happiest life.

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What Are the Benefits of the Alexander Technique? 

How many hours do you spend every day slumped over a laptop at your desk? How many times do you find yourself waddling home with a few-too-many bags of groceries? And who hasn’t contorted their body into a strange shape to fit on the tube during the sardine-tin-commute? Our lives are busy, hectic- and everything from our work to our social lives can lead to poor posture and bad movement habits. 

The Alexander Technique has helped millions of people across the world to re-align, readjust, and revive their full range of movement. At the heart of the technique is a commitment to getting your posture back on track. Poor posture can lead to a whole host of nasty side effects and chronic imbalances in your body, but the Alexander Technique can help. 

Among the many benefits of the Alexander Technique are: 

  • Improved poor posture 
  • Released muscle tension and stiffness 
  • Easing of back, neck and joint pain 
  • Boosted breath control
  • Calmed anxiety and stress-related issues 

Whether you’re looking to improve your performance and prevent injury in sport, improve your coordination, balance and stability — or become more elegant and graceful in your movements — the Alexander Technique can help. 

What to Expect from an Alexander Technique Session? 

No two Alexander Technique sessions are the same. Just as we have different bodies, mental processes and lifestyles, so there are innumerable ways the Alexander Technique can be taught and implemented. That’s why all Alexander Technique sessions begin with a discussion between you and the therapist regarding your general health, medical history and lifestyle. Your therapist may also ask you to perform a series of everyday movements and activities such as standing, sitting and walking around to see how you move. 

This initial consultation gives the therapist an invaluable opportunity to find out how you move and stand — as well as where points of tension exist in your body — and poor postural habits have formed. Once the therapist has garnered insight into your lifestyle and habits, they will create a tailor-made program to help address and re-align any issues, points of tensions, or imbalances. 

Each Alexander Technique therapist has a different approach to their teaching, but lessons may include exercises and poses that help to push your body back into alignment. In general, it is recommended you attend a series of sessions to truly unlearn any bad habits and develop optimum movement and posture. 

Browse our range of Alexander Technique therapists in London, and get re-aligned and start living your best life.